Badge questions


I got these notifications a few days ago:


So I went to my badges page, and here’s what I see:


Only 19 badges, but that nonetheless triggered “Senior Tester”.

However, the latter can’t be earned multiple times, and has been granted to me in 2019.

  1. Why do I have Senior Tester if I only have 19 topics liked? Could it be because some topics were deleted/moved after being liked by a staff member?

  2. Why am I notified that I got “Senior Tester” a few days ago if I already had the badge 3 years ago?


The badge allows for deleted topics, which I think is a bit fairer.

This is tricky, the grant date is the MIN post date, to get an accurate date we would need some huge amounts of complexity. (windowing functions or some other fancy stuff, I can fix it, but it would take me an hour or 2, not sure it is worth it)