Badge system in discourse

Hey all,

I wanted to introduce some kind of gamification in my community and point system and badges seem to be the way to go for it. But as far as I know, the point system is not available in discourse and only badge system has been available to customize.

I would love to hear from someone if there is some working way to include point system in the forum otherwise I would like to know more about badges and how to configure them and more ideas on new badges.

No, Discourse does not a built-in “reputation”-style points system, beyond the trust level system which is a core component of how Discourse minimises spam and unpleasantness, and encourages trusted users to participate in moderating the site. I’m sure a plugin could be written (or one or more might exist already) to provide that, if it’s important.

As for badges, there is a lot of existing information on badges, how to customise them, and how to define your own custom badges, here on meta. A search will unearth them.


Not really “points” in the usual sense, but there are “types”

In general, Bronze badges are relatively easy to get, Silver badges a bit more difficult, and Gold are the most difficult to get.

Within those types I guess you could put together “levels” something like
Bronze - some badge, level one
Bronze - some badge, level two
etc. if you wanted finer intervals.

When it comes to what criteria you could use for badges, it’s pretty much limited only by your imagination.


I think this will also do. But how to assign levels with badge type? I mean where to do it and how?

If I want to create new badge then their is no option to set triggers. How to enable it?

You can read about this here:

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