Badges don't work in private / restricted topics

A user on my forum, who apparently is really into his “Nice reply”-badges, notified me that his “Nice reply”-badge count went from >200 to 36 - and that it no longer counts… I am guessing this a bug.

This is the user:

Here is a thread with >3000 replies in it, where a lot of his replies have >10 likes and should be counted…

If you need any info from me, just shout :slight_smile: He’s pretty torn up about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a message from him today. He got a notification that another one of his replies earned “Nice reply”. His badge count also went from 36 to 37 - Later it went back to 36 again. There is definitely something going on.

Any thoughts?

Any ideas?

If at some point I rebake all posts, will that rebuild the badge stuff as well?

Since no replies have come I will elaborate a bit:

The badge “Nice reply” is supposed to be automatically granted to replies that gets 10 or more likes.

ringling’s bagde list says his last “Nice reply” badge was granted May 31st.

I just skimmed through some of his replies and these got 10 or more likes:

This reply from July 26th:

This reply from June 22nd:

This reply from June 22nd:

This reply from June 20th:

He says he sometimes gets notified of a new badge, it goes from 36 to 37 and later it goes back to 36 again…

At one point he had a good deal over 200 of them. Now it’s 36.

In his badge list the thread “Just plain funnies” is not there at all - And that’s where he has most of his 10-like-posts - Is the badge-thing choking on really long threads?!

Heh. I think I may have figured it out, but I am not sure. At one point the post was moved to a restricted area - it now sits under a category that only trust_level_1 and above can access. Is that why it no longer counts?! Shouldn’t it, though?

Incidentally, moving 500 posts results in a “502 Bad Gateway”-message…

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I don’t know about the “bad gateway” but AFAIK badges that involve posts use the “badge posts view” (as in derived database table). So it is very possible that moving those posts into a restricted category could have removed them from “badge posts”.
By any chance, do you know if the “nice reply” badge is “revocable”?


OK. I don’t know if I’ll move the topic back - but if I do, I hope the badges re-appear :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t think so, but I don’t really know :slight_smile:

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Possible this is related to @sam’s old work on making badges only work in certain categories, I can’t recall the details.

Well yeah, if any topic is in a restricted area it is no longer a candidate for badges. Category must be accessible by all users of the forum for it to be badgeable.