Badges more prominent on profile page

I love that badges are very prominent on user card when it pops up. It would be nice if badges were that prominent on the user profile page, right under the profile background, perhaps underneath/in the same area as the Joined/Last Post/Seen information. IMHO badges are too hidden on a user profile, being on a separate page, from a button underneath all the buttons on the left for replies/responses, etc.

Thoughts? :thought_balloon:


I stopped worrying about badges in our forums when only 3 would be shown by default, and I had no way to control which were the most important. It’d be nice to see them displayed or prioritized more prominently.


Good point. I was assuming they were grouped by category on the user card, but I quickly see checking around that is not the case. Doesn’t appear it’s chronological either.

It would be nice if they were grouped as they are on the admin badges page:

@watchmanmonitor does this sound correct in your experience?

How are the badges sorted within a category?

I believe gold badges are shown first, then silver, etc. At least for the user card.


Bingo! :confetti_ball: :tada:

Thank you! Helpful to know how to order them on user card.

So I’d end up making the few badges I’m interested Gold, then let the system assign the rest per defaults.

I love the idea of badges, they just aren’t relevant to our [private] forums.