Feature request: "Show badge on user card" setting

We have many badges that are nice to award to folks but that do not need to be given prominence on user cards. I’d appreciate having an option on the badge settings to “show badge on user card” which allows us to optionally hide those we don’t need to show.


Amen. I don’t use badges at all, because the three which are visible fill up with meaningless ones.

It should fill in order of gold, then silver, then bronze. @sam can confirm or clarify.

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Yes, but you have no way of prioritizing “golds” at the moment, something I would like to add. (badge card priority)


Would be a fine solution… I could take the 2-3 badges in each level I think are most important to our community, mark them as high priority, and wouldn’t have to worry about the rest.

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Thanks for the attention to this issue. Sam’s solution of adding badge card priority could work for me too.

A related issue: I’m not sure why, but some badges also cannot be edited at all so they are stuck at gold. This includes some that are not a big deal right now (great share etc) but eventually will crowd out the badges that I do want to show on cards.

Planned: badge card priority (-1) for suppress from card.


What’s the latest on this feature? I see in my community that the ordering is still fairly random. Not even gold > silver > bronze as suggested by Jeff above. And there is no way to prioritize which are displayed on user cards.

It is not random, we always show the trust level badge first followed by rarest gold badges etc… but yeah I do support adding some sort of priority here that is admin controlled.


Resource Author and Core Member look to be custom badges. Might that have something to do the display priority?

Yeah, they are custom badges. And I like displaying those.

I don’t really need to display the trust level badges on user cards. Nobody fully understands what those are about and they raise more questions than they do answers. :wink:

There are other badges I’d really like to be able to show as well.

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