Badges still not aligned correctly

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After I checked if our forum was updated, I looked and found that the badges are still jumbled up and some texts are in weird locations.

Such as this example, the more badges are in a confusing location and the badges are still mixed up. I see this only in safari version Version 12.0.2 (13606. and only in our forum.

Are these the badges on the user profile page? I’m having a hard time reproducing the broken layout.


It’s both the user profile and the badges page

I’ve tried a couple different Macs and iPads and I still can’t reproduce the issue on Codecombat — could you clear your cache or check the page in an incognito window? I wonder if you’re seeing the old CSS before it was fixed?


Cleared cache, discourse updated and tried in incognito. Still see the weird layout.

Try reducing your browsers font size setting.

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Ok, tried several sizes and none are working.

Do you have a custom per-user theme enabled on your forum? Try in anonymous / incognito browser mode as well. You can also enable Discourse safe mode without any harm at all.

No, it’s the default theme. I also tried incognito as stated a few posts above. Do you mind telling me what safe mode is?

You can search for it very easily. Also @awesomerobot did you test at all widths?


Oh thanks. I tried, and still I see the weird layout. Also got the repo steps.
Resize the window’s width to something like this, and it’ll be the normal layout.

But enlarging the width causes this.

I can’t repro by changing the width, but I did finally by adjusting my browser’s zoom level a bit.

I’ve pushed a change that should fix the problem.


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