Why are these badge images broken?

I am not a very technical guy when it comes to these things, so I have no clue whats going on with these badge images. The forum in question is on version 2.4.0.beta.4. I couldn’t find much information on DuckDuckGo.

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Any errors in the browser console? Can you link to the site?

Impossible to say what the issue is just looking at the screenshot.

This is the site according to whoever emailed me complaining about the badge problem.

From what I can tell they tried to customize the image of those badges, adding an improper image path. Are you the site admin?

No, I am not the site admin.

Unfortunately there’s not much we can do here then. The site admin will need to review the badge config (/admin/badges) for the impacted badges and either remove the invalid image URL, or fix it.

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Would updating the forum fix the issue? Looking at the page source, it is on an old version of Discourse.

Unlikely. From what I can see this is a configuration issue specific to those badges. I could say for certain if a screenshot of the admin page for one of those badges is shared. Updating doesn’t hurt though.

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