Ban members from specific topics?

I wonder if it’s possible at all to ban specific members from specific topics rather than banning them from whole categories or the general forum.

A certain other forum software has the ability to do this (no idea if it is an installed plugin or part of the base software), but since our members will be migrating over they will probably expect this. So to cut down on large numbers of people being banned outright, I wanted to know if this feature is already in Discourse software.

If it is not, can it be implemented in future versions or added in by a plugin or two?

We have no plans for this feature and it is not on any of our roadmaps at the current time.

Understood. But can it be done if I have one of my forum’s developers look into creating a plugin for it?

P.S. Thanks for the speedy reply.

We do have plans for more detailed user muting, that could include muting someone just in a single topic. But suspensions per topic? No.

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Everything is possible in a plugin :wink: