Mute topics (or set tracking state) from Latest, as a user

Context: I use a certain Discourse forum which is really meaningful for me, but there can be a lot of topics here and there across any categories, which are either triggering or NSFW, even from the title alone. Due to the nature of the forum, this is regular. (People do often put warnings in the title too.)

I don’t want to go into the details, but it’s a peer-support forum for people experiencing similar health condition or state. I can’t give more away without revealing the nature of the condition or state.

I know for sure from the titles that it won’t be good for me to read it, especially in my current state. (People also know that their content may trigger others.) But the titles keep appearing over and over in the Latest list when I go to browse.

Current workaround: I quickly open the topic from Latest, and set the topic to muted from the right sidebar. I mute it since I don’t want to read it and I don’t want it to appear again in Latest. Then I go back and erase it from history too, so I don’t accidentally see it again while pressing back a few times.

I’ve done this for about a dozen topics already.

Feature request: if I could somehow mute a topic from Latest without having to open it, this would make it easier for me.

I know that in staff abilities, it’s possible to select multiple topics at once and do bulk actions like set category, tags etc. Maybe something like that would be helpful for setting Watching/Tracking/Normal/Muted state, as a user. Though that method also seems like a bit overkill, so anything else would work fine, as long it works on tablet too.

I searched and couldn’t find a way to Mute a topic without opening it first, so that’s why I’m posting a feature request.