Banner diference mobile/web

Is it possible to place a banner in the community and it only appears in the web version and does not appear in the mobile version?


what about settings -> customize -> themes

There are all sorts of ways to separate out common vs mobile vs desktop.

We show a banner in the after header section that is different from mobile to desktop

But after I install the banner, how to not show in the mobile?

put it in the desktop section?


Great, thank you!

Another thing, do you know how to put a banner in the community? They give me the tip of this plugin: Versatile Banner

But do you know another way? A simple way, like just do a upload in the community? My banner will be just an image.

Thank you.

I could be wrong but I looked at that video in the tread and it seems that might be in the after header section. That is were I put mine and it shows in that same place.

Yes, I think the place is there.

But how to upload an image?

Thank you.

ok, just use HTML:

Note: notice the HTML is commented out in my picture because we rotate graphics periodically and this helps me keep track of were files are

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