How to parse custom bb codes when migrating from phpbb?


I’m migrating my current phpbb2 forum to discourse. (first converting to phpbb3 and then to discourse using the converter). On my forum we have a lot of custom bb codes. for example [title] and [com].

When I use the converter, they will come out as the codes, not rendered. Since they are used a lot on the forum, especially in a bloglike subcategory, it is undoable to edit them all by hand.

Now basically I have 2 “issues”.

  1. i would love to be able to use the same bb codes on the new forum so people can use the formatting they are used to.
  2. It would be perfect when the converted posts don’t show the bare bb codes but have some formatting attached to them (or css tags which I then can customize in the css editor?). So basically they show up the way they are rendered on the current forum when the bb code is used.

Does anyone have any pointers on how to accomplish this?

Many thanks in advance!