Best approach to maintain a custom discobot command

(Rudy Godoy) #1

Hi, before discourse-narrative-bot was merged into core, I did what was obvious to implement a custom command: fork it and implement what I wanted discobot to do, then configured the plugin from my repo, pretty simple and worked like a charm.

Now that the plugin is part of core I’m in doubt about whether to keep a branch of all the project and implement my command (something I’m not so fond of doing), or find a way to use the core codebase (which also eases site-wide administration workload) and pull my command implementation as a plugin of the plugin? Any ideas? Thanks.

(Christoph) #2

What additional tricks did you teach your discobot?

(Rudy Godoy) #3

Basically grab current Bitcoin price and tell how much of it you could buy with the amount of money entered as parameter, nothing particularly advanced.