Question about Discobot

Hi all! I have been looking for something like Discobot for so long. I don’t know how I missed this Who is Discobot?.

Actually I was going to use another type of forum software in 2016 for our marketing community, because a site I was on lancebase has a bot called “Turbobot” Turbo | LanceBase | Freelance Forum, and that was so cool to me. I wanted to use discourse though so I am so happy that Discobot is alive!!

Can I make Discobot go grab some content from the web then bring it back to my community? What is the level oif difficulty to make him do that?

I’m not sure how easy it would be to extend Discobot with more functionality, the logic lives inside discourse/plugins/discourse-narrative-bot at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub and doesn’t look like it was designed to be easily extended.

What you CAN do though is create some new ‘bot’ users and hook them up to external chatbots, have a look at Hubot Adapter for Discourse for instance!

Using Hubot as a starting point gives you an enormous amount of example scripts to look at and it’s pretty easy to cobble together your own completely custom code.