Best Editor EVER!

This is the easiest bestest editor on the face of the planet bar none.

I’ve been around since the “might not have a mouse” keyboard days and all the “normal for us dinosaur’s” keyboard commands work like a charm.

I don’t even have to reach for my mouse or do complicate physics to do this or this or even


and of course my favorite

yes yes, it’s a line
it brings me tigger bouncing levels of joy
no one knows why

I couldn’t stand emojii’s until they were a : away :white_check_mark:.

Fixing a typo is a click away.

And how many years was:

this completely out of reach to normal humans


:star2: :dizzy:

No time wasted re-counting:

  1. auto
  2. fixing
  3. my
  4. numbers,
  5. yay!

You already know all the features … and you did them that way because you thought it was the best way to do them and I am here to say yes! it’s the best way ever!



Awesome! Make sure you’ve checked out and tried the interactive tutorial there. Lots of protips :hugs:


Here is a wonderful example of how to integrate this all together in a post that is as beautiful in appearance as in content:


That’s awesome @rkaplan, thanks for posting that.

I’ve been wondering recently how best to present a dev roadmap for my own community. It seems obvious now that I see that, but a well-styled post is so simple and would drive conversation far more than just a link to an external tool.