Best practices: Staff who've left

I’m experimenting with the new leaderboards feature and scrolled to the bottom of the staff leaderboard today.

Looking at the list of accounts with 0 scores really reminded me of all the people who’ve left the company over the last couple years… because they’re still in the staff group in our Discourse instance!

I’m wondering what cleanup on this we could or should be doing.

And insights, recommendations or best practices to share?



Our approach:

  1. Anonymise the user – This is needed to comply with GDPR
  2. Suspend the account – This ensures they can’t somehow log back in with their email address
  3. Change the anonymised name to something sensible and generic like “Former Colleague”, or “Former Colleage(HR Specialist)”

I’d also be interested to see what other people are doing. I’m tempted to automate this with a script that queries our employee database for recent departures.


If the Staff acvount has elevated user level(admim. Mod, TL4) strip these. And lock TL0. Deactivate Account. For security.

You can also do as the above post mentions.


Here on Meta you get to keep your account as is, but all the ‘Team’ associated stuff, like admin/mod privileges, group membership, etc are removed.

I think it depends on if your ‘staff’ forum is a closed site or part of a public-facing one.