Best way to promote discourse forum

I was thinking about using CPA marketing for promoting my discourse forum. I think through this way only those people will sign up who will really be interested in the forum.
Kindly suggest me Which is best CPA network to promote this.
Or can you suggest me any better idea.

In case anyone was wondering:

And if anyone was wondering why a “beta” symbol appears when you Onebox a Wikipedia link on mobile devices: Odd symbol in Wikipedia Onebox titles


How will they learn enough about the forum to know they’re interested? It’s hard enough to get people to register for an account. If your problem is that you have too many people signing up for your forum and want most of them to go somewhere else, this sounds like a great solution.


I hadn’t understand what you really want to say here.
I was saying that if I use CPC and if user will not be interested in then they will leave immediately and through this way, I will loose my money.
But, If I use CPA, only profit it that if user comes on forum, he/she will signup only when they will interested otherwise not. Through this I will pay only for those users who are really interested on forum.

Also, if any user signup, there are more than 70% chances that they will come back to site again because they love the content that’s why they signup.

I totally misunderstood cpanel marketing. Sorry.