Beta or Stable branch?


Continuing the discussion from Discourse Canned Replies, where SAM said:

I have a doubt with the upgrade ssh code:

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

When you do that, what version of discourse will be upgraded?
I mean, beta branch or stable branch?

(Matt Palmer) #2

Depends on which branch your app.yml says to use.

(Martin Duparc) #3

I think that by default, a custom install of Discourse uses the beta branch.

Also, cd /var/discourse && git branch will tell you the current branch.

(David Taylor) #4

According to the repo, the default version is tests-passed

That will tell you the current branch of discourse_docker. To get the current branch of discourse you want

/var/discourse/launcher enter app
git branch

But, as said above, the easiest way is to check your own app.yml file