Better way for my users to invite others?

I have an invite only site and I’m interested in growing my members by allowing my members to invite others.

I understand there is the invite to topic feature, but is there a way for my users to send general invites?


Yes there is. General invites can be sent from a user’s profile.

Take a look at my will automatically expand into u/username so you can safely share the link that will be individualized based on whomever clicks it.

I’ve tried this but it doesn’t show for my users. Do you know what permissions are required for them to access?

They must be at least Trust Level 2, Member.

I tried setting a user to level 2 and testing that but still no luck… :frowning:

It’s possible that invite_only changes something…currently at work so I can’t test on my dev instance.

Ok thanks for the input. If you do get to test I’d love to hear what you find out.

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Here’s what invite only means:

So it looks like other members can invite members.

So I haven’t found a solution here yet guys.

I’ve played around with permissions but haven’t had any success. I can’t get the profile invites page to show up for my users.

If anyone is available to help I would appreciate it.

There definitely is opportunity to improve the UX to encourage growth. Our categories are more like communities on their own, but there is no call-to-action for users to invite their friends to join.


Yea. I plan on creating a CTA linking to the invite page. It would be awesome if I can make my cta button open up the invite modal to reduce a load and additional click.

Problem is I can’t work towards that until I figure out how to let my members have the rights to invite.

Currently my site is set to invite only. I’ve tested with accounts trying all trust levels but they still don’t have access to the invite page.

I’ve been told TL2 is the right level but that doesn’t work. :frowning:

Invite only means invites by STAFF only. Not normal users.

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Not according to the setting description:


Broken description, then – the idea is that the staff control the invites.


that’s a confusing one, then. It makes sense that a “closed” community would trust members to be able to invite others.

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Yea that’s what I noticed…was hoping that’s how it actually works.

The whole idea is that we maintain a closed community of trusted members so opening it up for open registration defeats the purpose of the invite system.

Sounds like your best bet if you don’t trust them all enough to be moderators is to have them PM an admin with requests to add people.

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It doesn’t, actually; staff are in charge of the site, otherwise you have friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend effect.

Indeed, but I can imagine situations where that’d be completely appropriate. And whoever wrote the description apparently agreed with me. :slight_smile:


An option for allowing members of certain TL (or even with a certain badge) on a closed community would be a great development.

Would it be feasible to have this developed as a plugin or is that walking too close to the permissions of Discourse?

My alternative was to embed a form for invite requests, we just liked the idea of Discourse tracking all invites.