Bitwarden doesn't ask to save Discourse passwords

Today I created an account on an average Discourse site,

Chrome asked me if I wanted to save the password I made.

But Bitwarden didn’t.

Sure, you might say, “That’s tough luck. Go take it up with the Bitwarden people, it’s their problem not Discourse’s.”

Yes, but wouldn’t you want Discourse’s readers to have their passwords remembered better?

So perhaps somebody could go check out what’s so fancy about the HTML forms that they evade the detection methods of Bitwarden.

And not “fix” those forms, but instead tell the Bitwarden people how to enhance their detection algorithm.

Yes Bitwarden has a dedicated web page for reporting such issues. But I think it’d be better to get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

OK, I posted it to Report failure of prompt to save credentials in browser .


Nope. Discourse is not Bitwarden-friendly. Here I am again, needing to manually create an entry!

Can you also raise this here and link back?



Harsh tone over there. They collect these bugs via Google forms with no obvious place to link to an entry.