Black Friday Offer: Hosted Discourse for only $10 / month!

(Michael - #1’s Black Friday 2015 sale has started.

You get 50% off on a Basic hosting package.
This means that you can get a managed hosted Discourse for only $10 per month !

Our hosting package includes:

  • Preinstalled plugins
  • Preconfigured Mandrill email sending
  • Complimentary Akismet license
  • Free and tested upgrades
  • Daily off-site backups
  • Support desk

So go to now and use the discount code BLACKFRIDAY when ordering.

Offer is valid for first time customers and for the Basic Hosting package with monthly payment only. is not affiliated with We’re an independent company.

(Michael - #2

Due to success, this offer is valid during the entire Cyber Monday as well !

(Anton) #3

Offer not valid anymore?

(Michael - #4

Nope, but we’ll have an after Christmas sale starting Dec 26 with a similar offer!

(Régis Hanol) #5