Communiteq Cyber Monday 50% discount

This year we’re having another Cyber Monday sale!

We’re offering a lifetime 50% discount on our Basic plan so now you can have that for only $10 per month!!.

What do you get:

  • a managed Discourse forum on latest stable release
  • a free Akismet license
  • the possibility to use your own domain / hostname
  • 5 GB storage space
  • 250,000 pageviews per month
  • unlimited staff users
  • reliable email sending service
  • daily off site backups
  • a number of standard plugins
  • free customer support
  • one week free trial

Sign up at and enter SALE2016 as your discount code upon checkout!


5 GB, seriously? :joy::joy::joy:

In our experience this is a very realistic value related to the amount of page views and other functionality offered by this plan.

It takes a pretty long time to reach 5 GB with a Discourse forum.

In other words: we see that this limit is almost never reached because if your forum is growing bigger than this, you already have had other reasons to upgrade to a higher plan, like custom plugins.

EDIT: I checked our numbers - Only 1.5 % of the servers on the Basic plan ever reached 5 GB.
So yes: seriously.


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