Blank screen when switching back to the iOS app

Nooo! :slight_smile: is that a white screen with a very small gray bar at the top? That would indicate a different app state from what I have seen, what I saw was entirely white.


Yes, dark mode grey bar and white screen. Can’t say I remember seeing that combo before

I’m still experiencing this even on 1.6.1, will look at the app switcher next time it happens to see if I am also getting the grey bar.

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Thanks. I’m no longer seeing this myself (but it’s clearly not fixed yet).

Can you try something @Stephen and @gingerbeardman: please disable Background App Refresh for the DiscourseHub app. If that still doesn’t fix the issue, when the app goes all white, can you check whether you can swipe down from the top 10-15% of the screen? (This would help determine whether the app is stuck on a loaded site or not.)


I’ve not seen it for a while now.

I have Background App Refresh disabled completely (globally, for all apps) have done so for many years.


Just had a white screen, no gray bar at the top either in the app, or in the app switcher.

Swiping down did finally get me back to the sites list.


Someone should try testing this once iOS 13.4/iPadOS 13.4 releases in a few hours.

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