iOS app just shows white screen

I installed an update for the iOS app this evening that asked for feedback on meta, so here’s my feedback: It doesn’t work anymore. Lol

I’m running iOS 12.1 on an iPhone 6s. Below is a video of what happens when I try to start the app. It looks promising for a second, but then it goes to a white screen. The only way out is to force-quit the app. After that, starting it up again does exactly the same thing.


The exact same thing is happening on my iPad 4th Gen.

It’s hosed here too.

Same on iPhone XS iOS 12.1

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Same for me, Same setup.

So an easy fix is probably to uninstall the app and reinstall it. I will look to fix this but it will take few days to get it updated. I made a phase release, so atm only 1% of users have access to it.



iPhone 6s, iOS 12.1

I feel lucky to be in the 1% :joy:

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Oh, deleting app and re-installing didn’t solve it. I added meta back in and it white screened.

This is going to be so painful for me until it’s fixed @team


Actually, it will work if I don’t add meta in, but rather add one of the other boards I use. I tested:

Have you really got rid of the internal browser? :man_facepalming:

Tapping any unread topic opens externally in a Safari. One step forward with the better layout, one step back not staying in the app.

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There’s a setting to open it in the app. However iOS changed things in recent version and doing so will force you to authenticate to each site two times. Opening through safari won’t have this issue.

Also what does bother you about it opening in Safari ? It’s exactly the same number of taps to hit back on top corner than closing a modal inside the app.

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Thanks, an initial search of Settings app didn’t bring up Discourse, but I had a manual scroll down and found it.

You can repair an installation by removing Meta, but you have to be quick with edit-delete-ok before the alert disappears and the screen can no longer be tapped (but at least it’s not white).

Quite obvious to say at this point, but really disappointed QA on this release.

Well we did all use it with meta as you can imagine, and at that time I can’t reproduce any of this whatever version I come from.

And FWIW there’s 0 crash reported.

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I’d rather not have a build-up of tabs in Safari.


Well the setting is for this then.

Ok I could reproduce something with a non staff account. It seems this is a server side error and not an error in the app. Even if the app should arguably handle this better. Investigating more…


Thank you :+1:

Much appreciated

Our users are having the same problem. Shame that the iOS app doesn’t work - we use it all the time!

+1 here

Painful upgrade. Rendered the app useless. — jay

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Yeah, I did that twice, didn’t work…

Edit: if I reinstall it, it goes to an earlier version. As long as I don’t update it, I’m fine.

Anyone here can give me an email where I could send a beta invite to double check my fix is working please ? @gingerbeardman?