Blank topics after log-in (Patreon cookies)


My Discourse Forum is giving me trouble suddenly. When I am logged in, all topics show up as blank. For instance this one. Here’s the logged-in view:

And here’s the non-logged-in view:

I have tried logging in and out and clearing cache. Issue also happens with private browser window. Occurs on both Firefox and Chrome.

Does anyone have any tips for fixing this issue?

Did you try safe mode?

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From what I see on your forum, it seems there is an issue with the Patreon plugin:


Specifically here:

I believe $.cookie usage has been deprecated and dropped from Discourse, and since Ember 5 is enabled, it errors directly. :thinking:
I don’t have an immediate solution for you; the plugin needs to fix this.

EDIT: Made a PR:


Thank you! This allows me to see topics and respond again as a logged-in admin. I’m not technically savvy enough to use it to troubleshoot and fix the issue though.

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You can disable all theme components and add them back to see which one is the issue. Oh, it’s pretty clear that it’s patreon, I think, so I made a post over there: Discourse Patreon - #180 by pfaffman

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Thanks @pfaffman and @Arkshine. It looks like you’ve find the issue and have created a fix.

Please let me know if I need to do anything on my site to get the fix applied on my installation. I tried refreshing the Patreon plug-in, but to no avail.

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I just merged the fix from @Arkshine :clap:

@donaldsoncd this will be live on your hosted site in the next 15-30 minutes. If you’re still seeing issues after that please let us know.


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