Block duplicate email-in replies

It seems there should be a more intelligent way to check for Discourse users that have auto responders that go-awry. This became a problem for me because I have email-in responses set up. A member who went on vacation, turned on their email auto responder, and subsequently spammed a topic with the same message out of office response to everyone that replied to their topic.

It seems like a fix would be to have the email-in reply feature check if that reply text has been posted before, so in the very least, an email auto responder only gets posted once.

Or is there a setting I’m missing that already exists to disallow duplicate posts? Similar to how you can’t have duplicate topic subjects?

I’m keen to fix this because that auto responder from the topic creator resulted in some of the emails that sent out being marked as spam.

I believe regular mailing lists deal with this by unsubscribing anyone so careless in setting up an autoresponder.

These out of office messages usually have headers that identify them as autoresponders; can you share the raw email text with @zogstrip?


Just sent him PM with this, thanks!

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Unfortunately, that email has no header I can use to identify it as an automatic message :frowning:

Any thoughts on the take of preventing these by stopping duplicate replies? Seems that could help in more than just this situation

Duplicate replies are already blocked, at least, that’s a standard block we use in all replies. For example if I paste in this exact text I just replied with as a new reply…

(staff seem immune to this check btw)

That’s great, but this should also apply to email-in replies, right?