Do not auto-create users when reply by mail


I have enabled “reply by email enabled” and it works fine. However, when a user replies from another address than he signed up, another user is created on-the-fly.

  • Can make Discourse to post the reply as the user that the mail was sent to?

if that is not possible? (I don’t know if the VERP stuff after the plus sign is also connected the user name)

  • Can I reject replies by mail that can’t be related to on existing user?


Uncheck the “enable staged users” site setting and Discourse won’t automatically create users that doesn’t exist.


I was going to say that the plan for version 1.9 is to allow users to provide a secondary email address (which, I assume, would prevent staged users to be created at least for that email address) but that is apparently not the case. But there is a PR-welcome for this:

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