Bookmark list filtering by tag, category and more

I‘d like to share a small feature request with you…

Bookmarking at Discourse is really nice. But the one and only way to find some BM again, is to know the title / buzzword or time frame of adding. Usually, none of them are saved in my brain. That’s why I use bookmarks overall :wink:

I wish, i could filter the results by all the filter criteria of the default search. What do you think about it?

On the other hand side, it might be easier to add „I‘ve bookmarked“ to the search? :thinking:



Have you guys also thought about personalized bookmark folders?

Please tell me, did someone implement personalized bookmark folders?

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As far, as I know :point_right: No. :disappointed:

The bookmarks user page was overhauled when we added bookmark timers and bookmark descriptions in 2.5.

There may be an advanced search term to search in your bookmarks as I recall? Ah yes here it is


You can now name your bookmarks per:

So, I guess you could simulate folder by calling your bookmarks common things like: filed under cats: amazing cat picture

I support changing search to also search the bookmark description so: in:bookmarks cats should find this filed under cats bookmark, this is not the case yet but @martin can have it on his long term list.


Sure, will add to our 2.6 list of improvements.

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Note, I would only have this special mode kick in if you have in:bookmarks going on. We also dont really want a fulltext index on this thing so I guess we just “append” extra search results after performing the general search.

It’s a fiddly change, not super urgent, and maybe we just skip search altogether and add a “filter” box to the bookmarks page.

I say have it on your list to “think about” but don’t rush with a solution here.


No problem, it will be a while before I can deal with it anyway. The search on the bookmarks page itself is also a good option.


Thank you very much ! :+1:


@terraboss @branday not sure if you have seen, but there is now search functionality in the bookmark list: