Do not require search term when using search options only

I’ve been trying to search for all topics I bookmarked that were posted in the dev category. I am not looking to use a specific search term but instead only use the options (in:bookmarks category:dev) to filter results in a broad way.

As of right now when I type that I get a ‘no results’ feedback. And yes, I do have quite a few bookmarks in the dev category but it’s tedious to scroll through to find them all.

Don’t know if there’s any other visible way to do this in the ui. I tend to not remember specific terms to find a bookmarked topic, but I do remember the category, for example.

This has other uses in regards to the search options too. Such as finding all posts someone made in a specific category (user:foo category:foo).

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Yeah I plan to get there … on my roadmap


This is now implemented.