Bookmark list should be grouped by collapsed/expandable Category

Presently, the Bookmarks list is a random (or chronological) listing and the Bookmarked topics are all mixed up.

It would be much better to present the user’s bookmarks grouped under collapsed/expandable category headings.

When I wish to go to one of my bookmarked topics, I always know what category it is likely to be in.

Are you looking for this?

Sort by category by clicking on the column header.

AH, yes that is what I think I want.

Problem is that does not present the bookmark list with this kind of columnar list.

Instead they are listed in a summary type listing, chronological, newest first.

Try ?


Note, @AlexAB can add that tab into default top tabs. Long term full page search is going to solve a lot of this, your bookmarks can simply be a saved search.

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Thanks @sam

I see now that there are two ways to list the bookmarks, …
… and that for some reason the columnar list’s link is not on the “top tabs” (along with the full page search link.)


BUT… even though this is a listing that can be sorted by column heading, it’s still is not the same as grouping the bookmarks into collapsed groups.

This issue is that I know which category I’m interested in, and do not want to have to scroll through other categories that just happen to be earlier in the alpha order.

Yeah … what you want here is a full page search for all your bookmarks in a particular category.

You can hack this with query params, but just hold tight for a bit and we plan to add full page search in the next few months.

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No @sam, what I wish for is exactly what I said.

I do not want to have to manually maintain nor create a URL shortcut list in my browser, each having a specific query param to each one of the numerous categories.

I really do not wish to have to type in a category name into a full page search query box.

As given above:
is almost there, but not quite.

I can live with it for now.

But it would one step better if each category group was collapsible and I could set it somewhere (in my profile?,) to be collapsed by default.

Then the list is small, does not require much scrolling to get at the desired category, and I just click the category I want to expand it, and choose the topic I wish to go to.

Actually what I am needing, most of the time, is to paste that bookmarked url into another post to direct some readers to a previous solution, or a pinned topic that answers the question they asked.

Maybe there is a better way to do this “Link Sharing” ?
Perhaps a plugin that is not installed on the SketchUp forum ?

I’m thinking something similar to what happens when I type an "@"or “:” symbol. A popup menu appears, that allows me to pick something to insert into the content.


Keep me updated @Sam with this progression :slight_smile:

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… that will allow me to pick to insert a link to one of my bookmarks.


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That is certainly a much better, more defensible idea than “allow me to autocomplete every topic”.

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I never said “autocomplete every topicnor meant this.

I said:

I was quite clear that I wish to “direct readers to a previous solution, or a pinned topic,”…

This means a link. I thought that # symbol would make sense but it is currently used for inserting category links. I wonder if this use of the # symbol is even known or are even used ?

BTW, (offtopic,) I actually do not care for the mini-quote-window of linked posts, and usually put a [url][/url] around them to prevent the “mini-quote” (or whatever it is called.)

You can just insert a space in front of the URL, no need to do all that.

A shortcut to insert a bookmarked topic is a good idea, in a way that “a shortcut to insert any topic” definitely is not!

Okay, thank you, I’ll see if I remember that next time.

Thanks I think so also. It will be of much benefit to forum sages and admins.

This whole thread is about the bookmark list and leveraging it for good uses, … so I keep wondering why you insist on making this obtuse point, as no one above said this, nor implied this ?

It’s come up several times in the past, though. Worth mentioning.