Bootstrap mode doesn't work

I understand new users should be treated as TL1(trust level 1) with bootstrap mode.

At my environment, the mode is active now.
New users’ profile page indicate TL1 but actually they are treated as TL0.

I try to but there’s no problem here(both indication and treatment are TL1).

I don’t know what’s happening.
Please give me an advice.

Discourse: v2.4.0.beta1 +7
babble 4.1.0
discourse-staff-notes 0.0.2
docker_manager 0.1

How are they treated as tl0?

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Thanks for your replying.
They can’t post more than 10 replies at least.

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There are still 24 hour “first day” limits on accounts regardless of trust level (unless they are staff). Search your site settings to modify them.


Oh, thanks for your advice.

But, why do you enable it?
I think high trust level user should be literally trusted regardless of join date.

It’s not exactly typical for new users to bombard a community they’ve only just joined with lots of posts within the first 24 hours. It’s a pretty handy safeguard in the event of manual spam so have such a limit in place.


Thanks, then why do Discourse have not TL0 of 24 hour but separated feature?

This isn’t related to trust levels, it relates to this setting which surpasses the limits applied to new user trust levels:

Your assertion that this relates to bootstrap mode is inaccurate, the same limitation would apply if I invite a user and promote them to TL1 manually in their first day.

Yeah, I have known,
I mean I think Discourse “should” have 24hr TL0 and shouldn’t have “first day” limits for simplicity.
If you fear lots of posts, you don’t need to promote them to TL1, do you?

The difference between TL0 and TL1 is more than the number of topics and replies.

TL0 users can’t send Private Messages, flag posts, post more than a single image or any attachments. They’re limited to 2 links in a post and can’t put URLs in their “about me”.

Bootstrap mode is there for new communities, having these things at the point of registration is useful and helps encourage engagement to create that initial momentum.

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So, why don’t we make TL0.5?
If we do, Discourse will be simplified and will not confuse its owners.

How would that be helpful?

In normal operation TL0 and TL1 work fine, getting to TL1 doesn’t take long at all.

Bootstrap mode is a slight relaxation on access to TL1 with two TL0 limitations which only apply in the first 24 hours. If makes for a really neat backstop so that bootstrap mode isn’t abused. How does another trust level help here? If you dislike those limits you can alter the numbers via /admin.

If many users were to express similar confusion such a change might be made. It’s worked this way for several years and you seem to be the first to have this problem.

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