Botched upgrade left me locked out


i ran git pull on /var/discourse

then ran ./launcher rebuild app

no problem.

some time later, i visited /admin/upgrade, and started an upgrade from there manually. i closed my browser window before it finished.

now, while i was still “logged in” to my site as admin, and trying to visit my preferences page, i receive a page not found or private message. i logged out.

now, on trying to re-login, i receive unknown error.

i enter my app, tail the production log and see this:

Started GET “/session/csrf?=1504731633203" for at 2017-09-06 21:00:36 +0000
Processing by SessionController#csrf as /
Parameters: {"
Completed 200 OK in 2ms (Views: 0.3ms | ActiveRecord: 0.0ms)
Started POST “/session” for at 2017-09-06 21:00:36 +0000
Processing by SessionController#create as /
Parameters: {“login”=>"<user_ID>", “password”=>"[FILTERED]"}
Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 234ms (ActiveRecord: 28.1ms)
NoMethodError (undefined method alias_level' for #<Group:0x007f1a80e14a50>) /var/www/discourse/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.3.0/gems/activemodel-4.2.9/lib/active_model/attribute_methods.rb:433:in method_missing’

what could have happened? Thanks.

the site is still up & running otherwise but i cannot login.

Not sure but here’s how to fix it

# ssh into server
cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app



No that didn’t work I already tried that and I still receive the same error

This is usually due to incompatible third party plugins.


That was it. Working now EXCEPT /admin/upgrade now shows just a blank page. Expected?

Did you remove Docker Manager from your plugin list?

Don’t remove the first party plugins, anything beginning with /discourse is official.

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No, I returned the app.yaml file to it’s stock config, plugin wise. So it’s there.

Upon further inspection , in the logs, I now also see redis connection refused errors.

Gotcha. Interestingly, any plugins I added I believe we’re official (as in beginning with discourse). Let me figure out what they were and I’ll inform the thread.

Official plugins are the ones under the Discourse organization on GitHub.

ok got it. then certainly not official they were. :frowning: oh well. now i know. but still don’t have an /admin/upgrade page.

See this topic:

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ok, my web console shows this error(s):

docker-manager-vendor-4dd192655476ad4a9594bf218c3aab34ac1ad23cf54be7bb7174b6f475e67e86.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Discourse._registerPluginScriptDefinition is not a function
at docker-manager-vendor-4dd192655476ad4a9594bf218c3aab34ac1ad23cf54be7bb7174b6f475e67e86.js:1
(anonymous) @ docker-manager-vendor-4dd192655476ad4a9594bf218c3aab34ac1ad23cf54be7bb7174b6f475e67e86.js:1

docker-manager-app-05126b4030cfb026187ab683ad137e7eb9ce4d8cd69e33734d1d17cf2171f7eb.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Discourse._registerPluginScriptDefinition is not a function
at docker-manager-app-05126b4030cfb026187ab683ad137e7eb9ce4d8cd69e33734d1d17cf2171f7eb.js:1

not sure what to do with the links you sent me but perhaps related?

The link has details of the issue you’re having. The simple answer is that the problem is being worked on, and once it’s fixed you’ll need to do a rebuild of your instance to fix the upgrade page.


Ok very well. Thanks for everyone’s input. I’ll just wait it out then.

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