Need to upgrade, but admin/upgrade page isn't working

Admin box tells me ther’s an important update but thera are no link to launch it!

If i reach website/admin/upgrade i reach a non workin page!

Need help!

What version are you running ? :thinking:

I’m running 2.2.0beta5.184 edited!

If the Docker Manager (/admin/upgrade) page isn’t working, you’ll need to SSH into your server and run the following:

cd /var/discourse
git pull
sudo ./launcher rebuild app

I suspected something like this!
I’ll do it tomorrow and keep you upadated!

So i did it and now i’m updated
but the admin/upgrade page is still missing!
Could be a problem?

Did you install Discourse using our official install guide, step by step?

Unless you are somehow not logged in as admin, I can’t explain what you’re seeing.

well i have used official guide plus the aid of this video

in past i was able to enter /admin/upgrade :roll_eyes:

i had problems after an update
disabled all the plugins and after rebuildind app all went fine…

Do you have any third party plugins installed? If so, disable them and rebuild, see if that helps.

Nope i’ve removed them after last update failed and have still to revert them on!

Is it possible i mispell the /admin/upgrade/ thing
(I’ve already tried with and wothlut the last slash)

Did you remove the docker_manager plugin? If so, you won’t be able to update using the web interface. Instead you will need to SSH into your server and run /var/discourse/launcher rebuild app


Well to go safe i removed ALL THE PLUGINS!!!

I’ll revert them on and try again!
Ty very much for the help!



Everything working and up to date!
Ty very much for your help!