Brand assets for Discourse?

Hello Discourse,

I’m in the process of re-decking out my laptop with stickers the way all of the cool dev kids are doing these days. And I threw together the following hex sticker for Discourse:

Which looks great! Except… I couldn’t quite find a large enough discourse logo on the web (I believe that one’s taken from the 3x header image on this site), which means it’s ever-so-slightly blurry up close.

I know folks like Slack and Facebook have official assets and brand guidelines for things like this; I wonder what the chances would be for Discourse to offer a folder of hi-res / svg logos, and/or guidelines for appropriate ways to represent the Discourse brand online and elsewhere.

(PS, these are one-off stickers for personal use; I’m not planning on selling them or presenting myself or anyone else as associated with Discourse in any way)

(PPS, Discourse should have official stickers. Preferably hex-shaped. :slight_smile: )


Jeff posted an EPS of the logo in this topic:


Here’s an SVG version of it:


If you need some Discourse stickers just PM me with your address happy to send them out!