Breadcrumbs issue: schema deprecated

Hi everyone,

This issue from last year seems to have come back again:

I had an email today from Google Search Console.

It said:

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We’re going to need more info from the search console please. What specific page is Google unhappy with? If you inspect the issue reported and view the live page via the console, is the error still present?

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Hi @jomaxro this is the page:

It’s in a member-only section of our web site so I’m not sure why Google are only flagging it now.

Here’s a screen shot:

If I click the INSPECT button:

I think I can safely ignore this one.

Sorry :blush:

Yeah, it’s not public, so you can ignore. Must’ve been public at some point in the past.


Yes, it would have been on that first index back in 2018.

Sorry to waste your time @jomaxro - I shall ignore these in the future :slight_smile:

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No worries, and don’t ignore them! We always could’ve regressed. If you find a public, crawl-able page with an error - let us know!