Break down Dashboard by groups

I love the new Dashboard 2.0. I think some really helpful analytics could be helping compare the stats of different groups on that dashboard, as well as allowing us to track the health of various groups over time.

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I actually need to find a way to do this! I have various groups on my forum, and I need to be able to run analytics for each group to report on how active they are in terms of log-ins, reading, and posting. Is there a way to do that via the API?

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This would be extremely helpful in our forums - we use groups to separate very different communities. This is an alternative to having a separate instance for each, which has too high an admin load for us to contemplate.

I’m naive of course - from our user perspective it doesn’t look to be that tricky to implement. Just an option to filter the dashboard via group. But then it could be an absolute pig to do.


In absence of dashboard filters the workaround would be to use #plugin:data-explorer to run custom queries, you can create parameterized ones.

We have discussed adding more filters here with @joffreyjaffeux in the past but it is a very complex internal change.


To be very clear on this, the filters exist and are used. But each filter does require to rework report queries to integrate the filter, which is not trivial given the complexity of some queries.


I’d love to help with that!