Bridge discourse with python scripts

(daniel) #1

So I made the switch to use discourse as my main site. I face one obstacle though. I have a few python scripts that I would like to tie to the restful API. I know discourse uses Ruby and I can easily convert my scripts to ruby if need be. How would I go about using the discourse API to expose my scripts to be called by my users?

(Sam Saffron) #2

What are these scripts? What do they do?

(daniel) #3

It’s for a trivia game. Basically you send an http GET request with a date and it returns a list of celebrities names that all share the same birthday. These are all stored in a database and returned in json format.

(Eli the Bearded) #4

This request makes me think of discobot. You can summon the bot to roll a specified number of dice or to fetch a quotation from an online quote service (results returned in JSON) that then gets formatted for the page.

@discobot quote

Making an interface like that for your celebrity birthday game might be as easy as picking through the bot code to make your own birthday bot plugin.

(discobot) #5

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