Broken Image links when using S3 and CDN



We are seeing some of our posts have broken image links but when you click on the link the image is displayed. I have worked through an old post that was similar - Broken Images and Their S3 URLs

However, after running rake uploads:migrate_to_s3 and rake posts:rebake I can see that the URLs in the uploads table are correct but the images are still broken. They are pointing correctly to our CDN url but for some reason still have a folder path of <CDN URL>/uploads/default/optimized/1X/<image name> but I would have expected them to be in <CDN URL>/uploads/optimized/1X/<image name> - why is the image going into the default subfolder as it doesn’t exist in the S3 bucket.

I am a loss on what the next steps should be. Can anyone help???

Many Thanks.

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Are you sure that the posts got rebaked and not just flagged for rebake?

Is this old posts or new ones? At some point they started adding default to the image path.

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Hi @pfaffman,

These are new posts but I did have to change our S3 bucket settings to allow for ACLs. Not sure if that is the issue.

I just added a new post and the image looks like it is loaded from the bucket address instead of the CDN one. Could that be because I have duplicate variables set and the direct S3 bucket address is taking priority???

Re the rebake - how do I tell if they have been rebaked or just flagged?

Lastly, where does the default subfolder value come from?

Sorry for the questions but am very new to Discourse!

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Looks like the images that do not display are images copied into a post rather than uploaded.

Is this expected behaviour?