Broken /letter_avatar_proxy images at size 120px

The avatar proxy is breaking at 120px when a new user signs up as of recently. This is the size in my user cards. I couldn’t find an announcement anywhere so I am wondering if this is just my machine or unique to my browser / install?

I tested other sizes because I am weird. :man_shrugging:

/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/17.png :ok:
/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/20.png :ok:
/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/25.png :ok:
/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/32.png :ok:
/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/40.png :ok:
/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/45.png :ok:
/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/50.png :ok:
/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/60.png :ok:
/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/64.png :ok:
/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/75.png :ok:
/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/90.png :ok:
/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/96.png :ok:
/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/120.png :x:
/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/135.png :ok:
/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/240.png :ok:
/letter_avatar_proxy/v3/letter/m/34f0e0/360.png :ok:

That all said, does anyone have a quick workaround or link to a different topic where this was already solved? Thanks!

What are the values on the site setting avatar sizes on your site?

This is what it says in admin > settings > files > avatar sizes