Bug: Livestream mixed content warning causing Onebox not to render

(Joel Natividad) #1

For example:

(not working here, because, I guess livestream is not in the whitelist )

And the odd thing is, onebox is rendering in preview, but once you hit New Topic, it doesn’t work.

Using 1.3.0beta1

(Robin Ward) #2

It looks like livestream doesn’t support HTTPS? When I change that URL to HTTPS it just redirects back. So if you are using HTTPS on a discourse, you will get a mixed content warning.

(Joel Natividad) #3

Yes. That’s exactly what I’m getting since we have HTTPS on.

Any suggested workarounds? Or does this require some extended handling in onebox?

(Robin Ward) #4

I don’t think it’s possible to fix unless livestream adds HTTPS support.

(Dean Taylor) #5

They have support for HTTPS - but their Canonical redirects are messed up.

(Robin Ward) #6

I just added support for Livestream via forced HTTPS to onebox in master:

^^^ It looks like the preview image gives a mixed content warning but once the video is rendered it goes away. That should be OK for most people as only the poster will see the warning briefly.

(Arpit Jalan) #7