Bug with flag as spam

As of some number of commits ago, every time I (as admin) flag a topic as spam and select delete user discourse does not redirect me back to the main page (or anywhere in fact), sits at the blank topic screen.

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What happens if you try refreshing the browser?

If I flag as Spam and then delete user, the topic page reloads (sometimes fairly slowly) with the post deleted and the user shown as “null”.

Which version of Discourse are you using?

Using beta 9 (pull from 2 days ago). It just hangs on a blank page. I’ve left it for a good 30 seconds. Not sure if that’s sufficient time. I remember the null but that stopped working a few betas ago for me.

I’ll try browser refresh next time.

Ah - we’re still on Beta4, so perhaps it’s to do with a recent change.

Can you take a peek at this @zogstrip and see if there is a repro?

Thanks for reporting that. It’s now fixed :ant: