Bulk delete of old topics

Our forum is near by reaching first year of usage.
Some of our category / topic is used for daily work,
We have lot of topics which is irrelevant in perspective of holding for long time.
Is there any feature or plan to implement some kind of deleting or archiving old topics.
Is there way to BULK delete topics using some kind of SQL queries.
Cloud I do something like in XX category delete all topics (post) older then date 1.1.2015.

Why I’ll love to delete posts is because I do not want to lose performances of my instance.
This is where we get in 10 months

Assumption is that 40% of this conversation is now irrelevant and longer required for holding.
If this going to speed up our discource why not delete old posts

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I think it is good to consider for longer term – if the content is truly of no value, it should be archived out somehow – but based on those numbers you should be fine for a while.


Just to share my requirements, I’ll be setting up discourse from smf. We have 10 years worth of SMF data, so I’d like to purge all except for the last 5 years worth. In addition, I’d like to be able to automatically delete posts older then 5 users once Discourse is operational.