Burning Man online talk: Dense network communities

Hi all,

I’ve been writing to people online for most of my online life, often collaborating on projects. When Facebook came along, we seemed to enter a sort of “dark age” when the tools for online conversation got worse, not better. I’ve been trying to fight back since, one community call at a time. This is a talk I did for the Burning Man regional network recently and the Burning Man Project tech team. I thought I’d share it with you since I mention Discourse and Loomio specifically in this talk, and highlight why these are awesome tools. That part starts about 17 minutes in.

Some context. This talk is made from the position of a leading co-creator of a participatory “burn” event called The Borderland, to other people in similar positions. It’s pretty self explanatory however and applicable to anyone who collaborates with other humans online.

Long video, but actual talk is just about 37 minutes, rest is questions.

By the way, I also work with Edgeryders. We use Discourse, and love it. Keep up the amazing work.

PS. If any of you Ruby on Rails wizards want to come to Sweden to work on the open source project Dreams mentioned in this talk, we have a development week in the beautiful Swedish forest, March 22d to 31st. Airfare, food and accommodation paid + a small travel stipend.