Button color changes

Hello all, how do you change the orange default button color?
I’ve changed it to the desired hex color in Settings>Customize>Colors but the buttons remain the default orange.

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Can you include a screenshot of the button in question and your colour settings? :slight_smile:

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Yes, definitely! Just added them

Oh right. The issue here is that that is not a button. :slight_smile:

Use your Chrome inspector to find the CSS to target.

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Thanks, I was able to find it. The “background-color” isn’t a color item in Settings>Customize>Colors. Is this something I’d have to edit programmatically? 29%20PM

Correct. You can write some simple CSS.

Navigate to your active theme at /admin/customize/themes/ and customise the CSS.

Adding this rule will make them green.

.nav-pills li.active a, .nav-pills li a.active {
color: #fff;
background-color: #090;

Fantastic, it worked like a charm.


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