Cannot change color of buttons

Hi everyone, I cannot seem to be able to update the colors of my buttons. I changed the color settings in the admin, but the buttons are not updating accordingly like they are on a similar instance of Discourse being hosted through Discourse themselves.

Two quick things to check first:

  1. After editing and saving a color, are the changes still there if you refresh the page, or do they revert back to their original values?

  2. Is the correct color palette selected from within the theme (/admin/customize/themes)?

Thanks for this. I didn’t realize I had to assign the color pallet to the style. Was this a recent change?

Yes, I don’t recall when it changed (over a year ago I think)… but the default theme, “Light,” would come with a preassigned color palette named “Light” so you didn’t specifically have to assign the colors.

Now “Light” is no longer an editable color palette, and is instead treated more like a preloaded default.