Cakeday! Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries

@joffreyjaffeux I can reproduce this here on Meta.


I can also repro on my site. thanks for finding the bug!


This was likely fixed here:


Translation to Russian


Hi! Two questions:
1- Is it possible to send an email to everyone with birthday update? Like “Hi, today’s birthday: Paul, Adam”
2- Is it possible to change order on cakeday page, Birthday first than Anniversary second.
Great plugin tho!

This is not possible at the moment.

Not possible at the moment but could be extracted into a site setting


I delete my accounts immediately on all forums that send me birthday e-mails.

This is such an awfully bad habit that I do hope this is never implemented here.


We currently display the user’s anniversary/birthday date under their name in the cakeday directory. While this makes sense for the upcoming and all tabs, it seems unnecessarily repetitive on the “today” and “tomorrow” tabs (where all the dates are identical).

Can we suppress the date under each user on “today” and “tomorrow”, while continuing to display it on “upcoming” and “all”?


This is kinda necessary because of local timezones. Otherwise it is unclear which “tomorrow” and “today” you’re talking about. Remember @hawk is fully a day in the future from our perspective, etc.


I don’t follow. We’re not discussing times, but dates. Yes it is already “tomorrow” for Hawk, but when looking at the page “May 7” is very clear to me. These are users who signed up on May 7, regardless of timezone.

Hawk joined Discourse on Jan 23. I’d therefore expect to see her on the list of anniversaries for Jan 23, on my Jan 23. Yes it may be Jan 24 locally for Hawk, but it’s still Jan 23 for me.

I don’t see the need to display 201x/05/07 64 times on the same page. Even with timezones I only expect to see “today’s” date on that page. I should never see 2 dates listed as “today”.

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And you’d be able to tell that by reading the screen, which is rendered relative to your local timezone. We went through hell with @tgxworld to get this where it is, so I am not inclined to change it. There Are Reasons.


If possible, could you add the ability to change the date format to international rather than US? maybe have the option for DD/MM/YY(e.g. 01/06/18), MM/DD/YY(e.g. 06/01/2018) and DD MMM YYYY (e.g. 01 Jun 2018)?

Also, the ability to change which corner the flair displays in would be handy! Thank you :slight_smile:

YYYY MM DD is the international format :wink:


I know that, that’s why i said:
‘change the date format to international’
‘maybe have the option for DD/MM/YY(e.g. 01/06/18), MM/DD/YY(e.g. 06/01/2018) and DD MMM YYYY (e.g. 01 Jun 2018)?’

They are 2 separate requests.

It is, but if you refer to this handy dandy graphic:

The only countries to use MMDDYY are the United States, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands (magenta) totalling about 326 million.

The cyan region represents 3.57 billion people using DDMMYY: Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Latin America, North Africa, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Russia.

The yellow group, another 1.7 billion do use YYMMDD.


I am actually curious why the US standardized on MMDDYY, I would think we inherited it from the UK, being a colony originally and all. But the UK doesn’t do this?

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No we’re little endian like all of the other countries we invaded civilised colonised :smiley:


One thing that will increase the usability of this plugin as well as the awareness of this feature on a forum, is adding the ability to add the birth date field on the registration form.

Actually, it feels a bit weird to me that it isn’t possible already. :confused:

(Btw, the plugin is awesome :smiley: we just installed it on an already working forum of 4000 users and we are pretty happy with it in general.)


This looks fantastic!

I just noticed that this is enabled on our site. Brilliant!

But users join the Beeminder service at one point, and join the forum at another. Is there any sensible way for us to update their joined date?