Calendar: Multiple Holiday Calendars

Thank you for this plugin !

Is there a way to create more than one holiday calendar ?

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I might be wrong, but I don’t think there is a limitation to the number of calendars you can create.

Have you tried it and it didn’t work? I’ll suggest trying it out first and reporting any issues you hit.


Thanks. I’ve already tried. I have created two topics and used their ID in the parameters as follow:

The calendar created in the topic #320 isn’t recognized as another holiday calendar. I’ve also tried to use “;” instead of “,” as separator.


I believe that’s a current limitation of the plugin. Can you describe your use case for more than one holiday calendar?


I’m working for an academic library, which is divided into four departments. There are around one hundred staff members. It would be useful to be able to have four separated holiday calendars. The schedule of absences is only relevant for colleagues in the same department. If we have to put everything together in the same calendar, it will no longer be readable.

Another solution would be to be able to filter absences according to selected groups in which users belong, rather than having 4 separate calendars.