Calendar plugin not showing event time properly in list view

we have a functioning calendar on our forum now and i quite like it and the possibilities it presents for us. but i noticed that in list view the events are all listed as “all day” instead of their respective specified times, except the one that is actually all day, which says a time (12:00am).

month view:

list view:

post entries:


Hey @Lilly ,

Is it possible that during configuration of your calendar, did you copy fullDay="true" from documentation?

If yes, removing this fragment should solve this issue.


omg that worked. thank you. i looked right at that line too because i was playing with the other settings when i first copied it and yet didn’t clue in later. :woman_facepalming:

i assume then that setting makes every entry a full day entry? that option seems odd but i guess there could be situations where such a thing is needed.


Yeah, it might be useful to track holiday of international staff when day is more important than specific hours.

Great that it works now as expected :rocket:


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