Call a widget action from another widget


I would like to call the toggleSearchMenu action from a custom button widget that would open the search menu by clicking it.

I tried:

  click() {
    this.sendWidgetAction('toggleSearchMenu').then(() => console.log("SENDWIDGETACTION"));

But when clicking my button, it says toggleSearchMenu not found in the console.

I tried other Not working ways as you can see here:

import { createWidget } from "discourse/widgets/widget";
import { iconNode } from "discourse-common/lib/icon-library";
import { h } from 'virtual-dom';

export default createWidget("search-btn-widget", {
  tagName: "",
  buildKey: () => "search-btn-widget",

  html(args) {
    let search_button_helper = "button#search-btn";
    let search_button_class;
    let search_title = "Chercher un sujet";
    let search_text = "Chercher un sujet";
    let search_icon = "ri-small-recherche";
    let search_label_helper = "span.d-button-label";

    if (args == "default") {
      search_button_class = "btn btn-default btn btn-icon-text";
    } else if (args == "primary") {
      search_button_class = "btn btn-primary btn btn-icon-text";
    } else {

    const toggleSearch = function() {

    return h(
        className: search_button_class,
        title: search_title,
        // action: "toggleSearchMenu" => Not working
        // onclick: "toggleSearchMenu" => Not working
        onclick: toggleSearch
      [iconNode(search_icon), h(search_label_helper, search_text)]
  // click() {
  //   this.sendWidgetAction('toggleSearchMenu').then(() => console.log("SENDWIDGETACTION"));
  // } => Not working

Any idea on how I could call this widget action inside my widget if that’s something possible?

Thanks a lot :pray:

Found a solution, using createWidgetFrom and importing header widget:

import {
  default as header
} from "discourse/widgets/header";

So that made me able to access the action method toggleSearchMenu scope.

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