Can all staff see all pending invites?

We have a couple people managing our Discourse forum as admins. But when we look at invited users (those invited to join the forum, not just invited to a topic) each person can only see the invites he/she has sent. Is there a way for any admin to see all pending user invites regardless of who they were sent by?
(If there’s a better place for this question please direct me to it, I couldn’t find a super relevant topic)


You can get a list of all invites that have been sent from your site on the Admin / Emails / Sent page. Enter “invite” into the Email Type input at the top of the page to filter the results for invites.

There is no where on the Discourse user interface where you can see pending invites for users other than yourself.


You could get a list from the data explorer plugin, which I believe requires Business class service to have access to. There could be an example query in What cool data explorer queries have you come up with?.


Of course, so simple! Thank you @simon

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