Can anyone enable HTML & iFrames within admin posts on my Discourse installation?

Discourse only allows its own markup language in posts, and allows embedded content in posts only to the extend that they are supported by onebox.

I think that’s great for the posts of my forum users. That way, they don’t have to know what they’re doing, and and evil people cannot do any harm.

But as the forum admin, I do not want these restrictions in my own posts.

When I’m posting on my forum from my admin account, I would like to be able to use normal HTML code within my posts, and especially iFrames or embed codes. It’s important for me, because I sometimes want to embed content that is not supported by onebox.

I’m looking for somebody who can either show me how I can make this happen, or who thinks that he might be able to “hack”/modify my installation so that HTML will be allowed and executed within all forum posts created by users with “admin” status.

Please respond to this topic if you think you can help.

I’m offering fixed price payment, based on your estimate of how time consuming it would be for you to implement this for me.

Thank you so much guys!


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